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Welcome to the World Cup in 2014

Everyone here is incredibly excited about the 2014 World Cup in Brazil - it's been a long time coming and with the next two World Cups in the... less attractive... destinations of Russia and Qatar, we think 2014 will be the best World Cup for a generation.

However, as well as frankly exorbitant rates, hotels in the World Cup cities are also charging for minimum 30-day stays, so even if you only stay for two days, you pay for the whole month. This isn't the sort of thing we like to do to our customers, so we've been looking around for something a little different... and now we think we've found it!

We're partnering with one of the world's largest camping tour operators to offer a range of all-inclusive camping packages during the World Cup. Based in Rio, Salvador and Natal, each campsite will have comfortable pre-assembled tents, a swimming pool, on-site football pitches and large screens for watching the action.

For matches in your host city, we arrange free transfers with guides to and from the games, and we'll be running regular shuttles between the campsites and some of the best beaches in Brazil. Even better, we're also including unlimited beer and caipirinhas during your stay!

Rio World Cup Campsite

World Cup Camping in Rio 2014 7-day package for £895pp

Our Rio campsite is located in the exclusive Barra da Tijuca area, just near the new Olympic village. With great beaches on the doorstep, lots of bars and restaurans within easy reach, and easy access into Copacabana, Ipanema and the Centre, it's a perfect location to enjoy the World Cup in Rio.

See our Rio Camping Package

Salvador World Cup Campsite

2014 World Cup Camping in Salvador 7-day package for £925pp

Located on the outskirts of the carnival city of Salvador de Bahia, our Salvador campsite gives you the chance to soak up the warm tropical sunshine of Brazil's north-east and to enjoy the superb beaches and Afro-Brazilian culture of Bahia state, as well as access to matches in Salvador, Recife and Natal!

See our Salvador Camping Package
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