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Latest US Dollar Exchange Rate
ecuador us dollar£1 = $1.4506
Last Updated: 05:47 14 February 2016

From January 2000 onwards, the official currency of Ecuador has been the US dollar. Intended to stablize Ecuador's economy, changing currency - to say the least - controversial, but is now widely accepted and it certainly makes preparing for your holiday in Ecuador a lot easier!

Standard US dollar notes are used and the coins (cents, nickels, dimes and quarters) are a mixture of US and locally-produced coins. All this means that any American money you have in a drawer somewhere at home will be perfectly usable as money in Ecuador.

Sample Holidays in Ecuador

Ecuador Holidays in the Amazon Jungle Andes to Amazon 12 days in Ecuador for £1850pp

This fantastic Ecuador holiday first concentrates on exploring the beauty of Ecuador's majestic Andes mountains, before taking you down from the peaks to explore the heart of the amazing Amazon rainforest ...

2016 holidays to Ecuador covering the whole country Full Monty 20-day Ecuador holidays for £2695pp

This full-length Ecuador holiday gives you the chance to see the whole of Ecuador, from the snow-capped peaks of the Andes to the steamy Amazon jungle, before ending up with some time on Ecuador's superb beaches ...

Setting a budget for your holiday in Ecuador

It's obviously very difficult to say exasctly how much money you should bring on holiday to Ecuador, as everyone has different tastes and spending habits, but hopefully this table will give you a reasonable idea of what you can expect to spend on day-to-day expenses.

ItemCost (£)
Postcard £0.60
Genuine Montecristi Hat £30-50
Lunch (set menu - mid-range) £4
Lunch/Dinner (a la carte - mid-range) £6-10
Lunch/Dinner (a la carte - high-end) £15-30
Bottle of water £0.80
Bottle of beer £1 (Pilsner) / £1.50 (Club Verde)
Glass of wine £5-6
Coffee / Tea £1.20