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Eating Out in Peru

Now that Thai food is in every pub and sushi on the shelves in Tesco, it's no surprise that foodies have been casting around for the next big thing. And it's no surprise to us that Peruvian food is tipped to be the next big thing. We've been banging on for years about how it's not only the best food in South America, but up there with the great world cuisines and so we're pleased that everyone is finally starting to catch on!

Recent years have seen top-flight Peruvian restaurants opening in London, New York and LA, but of course the very best Peruvian food is in Peru, and in 2013 Lima was home to 2 of the world's top 50 restaurants according to the San Pellegrino list - that's as many as London! And even if you don't splash out on either of these world-beaters, we can guarantee that the food in Lima and the rest of Peru will blow you away. If you fancy trying a culinary tour of Peru, then our Vida Es Dulce itinerary could be just the ticket...


Lunch is traditionally the main meal in Peru and usually will consist of at least two courses. These vary depending on where you are, but typically the first will involve a soup of some kind, while the second will feature fish or meat, with rice and potatoes (yes, Peruvians feel having both is highly important) and a small salad. You can always order a la carte, but most restaurants will also offer a fixed menu del dia which will offer a set first course and one or two main course options.


Fewer Peruvians eat out at dinnertime, as this meal is traditionally taken at home with family. However, that is changing, particularly in the big cities and among younger people. In the evenings, people often have just a single course, and often opt for classic Peruvian dishes like pollo a la brasa. You'll find pollerias everywhere in Peru and they essentially do one thing very well: spit-roasted chicken and chips. Perhaps with a salad, but that's about it. This jack-of-one-trade really pays off, though - it's probably the best grilled chicken in the world and you can be in and out in 15 minutes - this is what fast food should be about!

Another popular evening choice, particularly on the coast, is a chifa - the Peruvian-Chinese fusion that is hugely popular. It's been estimated that around 70% of Peruvians on the coast have some Chinese ancestry and this is reflected in the ubiquity of these fusion restaurants which couple Chinese techniques with Peruvian ingredients.