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Description Ceviche Lomo Saltado Arroz con Leche Pisco Sour

Classic Peruvian Lunch Recipes

When we manage to get back to Lima, this is exactly the sort of food we hope to see on the menu del dia in one of our favourite local restaurants - it's perfect for spending an hour or so in company, catching up on all the gossip and discussing the inevitable new corruption scandal... Happily, however, these dishes are really easy to make at home.


One of the real joys of Peruvian cuisine is the variety and quality of the raw ingredients, and we know it can be hard to get everything you need here in the UK, although there is talk of Waitrose starting to stock some Peruvian ingredients, so you never know... Where it can be difficult, we've tried to suggest suitable alternatives, although we do often have to resort to packing suitcases full of goodies whenever we're coming back from Peru...

Here are some of the principal ingredients you'll see in these recipes:

  • Aji: similar to chilli peppers and either yellow, orange or red - about the same heat as a decent birdseye chilli in the UK.
  • Arroz: Peruvians use an American-style long-grained white rice and usually steam it with chopped garlic and salt.
  • Papas: Most recipes call for the classic Peruvian yellow potatoes (papa amarillo) but these creamy beauties are impossible to get in the UK - Charlotte or Desiree spuds aren't too far off.
  • Peruvian Lemons: Peruvian limones are used in everything from cocktails to salad dressings in Peru. They look more like our limes, but have a flavour somewhere in-between lemon and lime, so if you can't get them a mixture of half-lemon, half-lime will do the trick.
  • Rocoto: From the same family as the aji, a rocoto is still slightly spicy but the same size as a 'normal' pepper in the UK so they are often served stuffed or finely sliced as a garnish.

The recipes above won't take long to prepare or cook - the arroz con leche can be prepared well ahead of time, so the important thing is to get the order right for the ceviche and the lomo saltado. The trick is to start the ceviche about an hour before the meal and leave it to 'cook' while you prep all the ingredients for the lomo saltado. Then you can serve the ceviche, clear the plates and flash-fry the lomo saltado so it's absolutely fresh to the table!