Canoe in Amazon Rainforest

When you’re trekking in Argentina, you’re on much more than just a holiday. The Amazon rainforest is an adventure and an experience of a lifetime. While you’re there, you’re going to see some amazing sights and make memories that will last forever.

Despite how physically gruelling it can be, ultimately, your trekking trip should be fun. We want you to have the best time possible on your holiday in Argentina. To do that and to make sure that the fun carries on throughout your trip and beyond, you’ll want to make sure that you stay safe.

One of the best ways to make sure you remain safe on your travels is by ensuring that you have all the equipment you need on hand. You’ll be going up against nature and the elements, so you’ll want to come prepared.

Crucial clothing items

Blue and Yellow Macaw in Amazon rainforest

Let’s start off with your clothes. You might not think your clothing choices are all that important when it comes to your safety. However, in the Amazon rainforest, how you decide to dress will undoubtedly have an impact on both your safety and your enjoyment of holiday excursions.

In terms of outwear, there are some essential items you won’t want to be caught without. For starters, in case you find yourself in heavy downpour, you’ll need a waterproof and breathable jacket and trousers, along with some waterproof gaiters.

If you aren’t familiar with the latter, gaiters are a garment that are worn over your shoes and the bottom of your trouser legs. These will keep the lower portion of your body dry. All of this is absolutely necessary in the event of rainfall, which does tend to come in short but very heavy bursts in the Amazon rainforest.

Next up, you’ll need some hiking trousers and shorts. These will keep you prepared no matter what the weather. Obviously, shorts are a must for the often sweltering jungle heat. Make sure you choose synthetic fabrics for their practicality. You’ll also want a synthetic t- shirt, briefs, socks and sports bra, if required.

On top of this, one of the most important items of clothing you’ll need as an absolute necessity are a pair of waterproof hiking boots. These are vital for keeping your feet dry and keeping your footing steady. When the ground becomes loosened by rain, these boots are crucial and can save you from potential accidents.

Other clothing items that are a good idea to pack include a rain hat. There’s no prizes for guessing what you’ll need that for. We also recommend a bandanna, which will keep the sweat out of your eyes in the heat. The latter might not seem like the most important holiday addition, but after a long time trekking in the humidity, you’ll be thankful you brought it.

Gear you won’t want to go without

Rainforest trekking

Moving from clothing onto gear, here’s a few necessities you’ll want to bring with you when adventuring through the vibrant Amazonian rainforest.

Of course, your most important item is your backpack. It’ll need to be of a high quality, with an internal or external frame, and big enough to comfortably carry all your equipment. A tent is your next essential, alongside a sleeping bag and a sleeping pad.

Possibly the most vital pieces of equipment, other than your bag, are large water bottles. Make sure you have enough, as it is of crucial importance that you remain hydrated throughout your trek. Remember, bringing too much is always better than bringing too little.

Trekking poles, alongside your boots, will help keep you steady and ease your walking. Opt for a lightweight and collapsible design to save on valuable space.

Other necessary items include sun cream and lip balm. The latter is easily forgotten but can make your day a whole lot easier. A lighter is always a helpful item to have with you on any adventure, too. Here is no exception. Along with these, don’t forget to pack sunglasses, zipper lock bags and a pocket knife.

These are just some ideas to help get you started. With proper preparation, these physically demanding adventures can be some of the most rewarding. We hope you enjoy what are among the most exciting Argentina holidays in the world.

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