A group of young people enjoying a festival in Brazil.

There are so many highlights when it comes to holidays in Brazil. For many though, nothing can quite match the allure or the excitement of travelling to South America for one of their many thrilling annual festivals.

Although the Rio Carnival is no doubt the most famous – more detail on that to come –, there’s so much more on offer throughout the year.

It’s the variety available that really makes the festival scene in Brazil something special, meaning that whether you’re looking to party all night long, kick back and relax or simply soak in the culture, there’s bound to be something that takes your fancy here.

While this is by no means supposed to be an exhaustive list of every festival available in this vibrant country, our picks of some of the most popular Brazilian festivals taking place throughout 2019 should give you a solid idea of what you can expect when looking for your ideal festival vacation.

XXXPerience Festival

If your musical tastes are of the more electronic variety, then you should check out the spectacular XXXPeriene Festival.

This festival is often praised for its inclusivity, allowing people to express themselves freely and openly in a fun and safe environment.

It’s a celebration of electronic dance music where the size of the beats are only matched by the scale of the creativity involved in every aspect that goes into making this event a truly unforgettable experience.

Festival Bananada

This pick certainly has a lot in common with the XXXPerience Festival. For example, both feature the freshest new acts and are simply bursting with creativity. However, the Festival Bananada instead focuses on alternative music with a very broad spectrum of genres to enjoy – but that’s not all.

As well as the huge mixture of local and international artists playing at the festival, it’s also a buzzing hub of Brazilian culture. Here you can explore everything from the art and cuisine to the likes of extreme sports and even see some of the country’s finest tattoo artists showcased too.

People playing music by the beach at a summer festival in Brazil.

Lollapalooza Brazil

If what you’re looking for out of a festival is the biggest names in music all coming together in a classic festival setting, then the iconic Lollapalooza Brazil might just be right for you.

This year, the headliners include the Arctic Monkeys, Kendrick Lamar and Kings of Leon.

On top of established acts though, they also allow plenty of room for up and coming talent, meaning you can also spend your time discovering something new alongside rocking out to your favourite bands.

Virada Cultural

Looking for a completely immersive festival experience? Then look no further than the magnificent Virada Cultural.

This event brings together dozens of creative worlds from theatre and film, to music and multimedia art installations, and much more in a stunning celebration of the originality and creative flair that Brazil boasts.

Regardless of what you’re into, Brazil likely has a festival that’s just perfect for you.

In fact, it probably has several. And with so many world class options available, finding somewhere you can create memories that last a lifetime is easy.

People play music and dance in the street in Rio.

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