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Climate in Brazil

Guide to Weather in Brazil

What Weather Can You Expect on your Brazil Holiday?

Brazil Climate Map

Brazil is one big country, and with its borders encompassing several climate boundaries and different geographies, you might expect the climate in Brazil to be extremely changeable. In fact, although there are pronounced differences between different areas in Brazil, the weather is usually fairly predictable and understanding it isn't too difficult.

The Different Climates in Brazil

Brazil can be roughly divided into four distinct areas, from the Amazon rainforest in the north-west, passing through the arid Central Serraõ to the humid Atlantic coast, with a more temperate 'bump' at the south of the country. Each area has its own distinct climate, so read below for more details.

Rio climate graph

Atlantic Coast

Major Holiday Locations: Rio, Salvador, Buzios, Paraty, Natal

Brazil's long Atlantic coastline actually shares a fairly similar climate throughout. In general the rainy season runs from around November through to April, but the rains largely consist of tropical showers so although they can be heavy at times, they are warm and since this is the warmest time of year, it's actually the best time for the beach. As you get further north, both the temperatures and the amount of rain tend to 'flatten' out, so really any time of year is fine for visiting places like Salvador and Natal.

Brasilia climate chart

Central Serraõ

Major Holiday Locations: Pantanal, Chapada Diamantina, Brasilia

Brazil's interior is largely composed of a rather arid, savannah-like area known as the serraõ. Temperatures remain constantly warm throughout the year, but there's a big difference in climate between the dry winter (roughly May-September) and the humid rainy season (October-April). The best time to visit the Pantanal, is just at the end of the rainy season when water levels are high but the humidity drops.

Amazon weather graph

Amazon Rainforest

Major Holiday Locations: Manaus, Amazon Jungle Lodges

Brazil's Amazon rainforest climate has hot and humid conditions throughout the year. The main rainy season runs from November through to May, so although you are likely to see rain at all times, we'd recommend visiting the Amazon during our summer (Jun-Sep) to enjoy the lower humidity.

Florianopolis weather graph

Southern Brazil

Major Holiday Locations: Iguazu Falls, Florianopolis, Saõ Paulo

From around Saõ Paulo southwards, Brazil starts to move out of the tropics and to have a more temperature 'European' climate, with four pronounced seasons. Particularly once you get as far south as Florianopolis, you'll find that beach weather is really confined to the Brazilian summer (Nov-Apr) although it's warm enough year-round for anything else.