When to go to Costa Rica

When to Go to Costa Rica

Guide to Weather & Climate

When Is the Best Time to Travel to Costa Rica?

Costa Rica Climate Zones Map

The climate in Costa Rica is mainly split between an April-November rainy season and a December-March dry season, but the varied geography of the country means that the picture is a bit more complicated than that! To give you a good overview, we've split Costa Rica into four main zones so that we can look at when to go to Costa Rica's different areas.

Both the Amazon and the Pacific Coast experience steady temperatures and fairly high rainfall all year, while the Llanos savannah in the east of the country has short spring and autumn rainy , although it is unlikely your Colombia holiday will take you into this region.

All other things being equal, it means that the best time to visit Colombia is generally either between December and March, or in the summer months of July and August, when it can be cooler in the mountains and in places like San Agustin.

Tamarindo weather graph

Pacific Coast: North-West

Major Holiday Locations: Tamarindo, Playa Negra, Papagayo

The north-west of Costa Rica enjoys great weather almost all year. Even at the height of the rainy season elsewhere, the Pacific beaches in this area stay largely dry, and always warm.

When to go: any time!
Manuel Antonio weather graph

Pacific Coast: Central and South

Major Holiday Locations: Manuel Antonio, Corcovado

The pronounced rainy season from late April to early November brings a lot of rain, particularly further south in areas like Corcovado, but it's still a good time of year for Manuel Antonio. Also worth noting the short 'little summer' in July.

When to go: Best from October to May
Tortuguero climate chart

Caribbean Coast

Major Holiday Locations: Tortuguero, Limon, Manzanillo

The Caribbean (and especially the northern Caribbean) sees a fair amount of rainfall all year, but it's also always warm: if you can visit during the September-November dry season, great - but don't worry if not.

When to go: The Caribbean-only dry season from September to early November
Arenal weather graph


Major Holiday Locations: San Jose, Arenal, Monteverde

Most highland areas have a similar climate to the Pacific coast, but slightly warmer and with mainly lower rainfall. As with the Pacific, if you can travel between November and April, that's perfect.

When to go: Best from October to May