Carnaval 2021 festival in

Carnival in Ecuador

Or should that be 'Carnaval'?

A Week of Waterbombs?

South America's most famous Carnival might take place in Brazil, but Ecuadoreans look forward to their own Carnaval (they spell it with three 'a's) every bit as much.

In amongst everything else, visitors to Carnaval in Ecuador should be prepared for a bit of a soaking: the celebration is characterised by hundreds of children, called diablillos (little devils) who roam the streets armed with water-pistols and water-bombs looking for unwary people to soak!

The main thing about Carnaval in Ecuador, however, is that it's the biggest party of the year: beach resorts are at their busiest, there are colourful parades and firework shows to enjoy, and generally everybody lets their hair down. So long as you don't mind the odd soaking, it's a perfect time to visit Ecuador...

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