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The one with the beautiful bay...

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Photos of Santa Fe Island in the Galapagos Santa Fe might be one of the smaller islands in the Galapagos, but it has a bay that is the envy of just about all the other islands...

Located within sight of Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz, Santa Fe is only just over a single square mile in size, but a morning or afternoon here may well be one of the real highlights of your Galapagos holiday. The turquoise lagoon of the southern coast has a beautiful white sandy beach, which is home to several different Sea Lion colonies, while you can see Galapagos Hawks sitting on top of the cliffs to either side.

A path back from the beach leads up to the cliff tops, where you can see the endemic Santa Fe land iguana feeding on the prickly pear plants that grow here. The two species are in a kind of evolutionary arms race, with the plants growing taller to keep their fruit away from the iguanas, and the iguanas growing bigger to keep up with them! Both are significantly larger than their cousins on the other islands.

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