Drummers Celebrating Fiestas Patrias in Peru.

If you’re travelling to Peru in the summer, you may be lucky enough to enjoy two days of national celebration during Fiestas Patrias.

This is one of the most important holidays in the Peruvian calendar, celebrating their independence from the Spanish Empire, as well as the country’s history, character and culture in general. 

It’s an ideal way for a visitor to soak in as much as they can of the country, as this two-day event provides everything you could possibly want from Peru holidays at any time of the year.

Fiesta Patria delivers a truly authentic experience of what one of the world’s most interesting countries is all about.

Of course, a celebration of everything Peruvian is a rather broad subject, as there is so much that is special about this South American gem.

So, we shall take a look at five excellent ways to celebrate Fiestas Patrias.

There are lots more options available for enjoying this holiday, but this list should provide you with plenty of ideas to get you started. 

Watch the Gran Corso 

Also known as the great parade, the exact date of this event can change each year, but it always coincides with Fiesta Patrias.

It is one of the most famous festivals in Peru and there’s perhaps no single greater celebration of the country than this.

The floats, colours, bands, costumes and crowds all come together in an explosion of creativity and patriotism.

This extraordinary parade doesn’t take place in a single location but can instead be found throughout downtime Lima at several points throughout the day.

It can also be seen in Barranco, which some people prefer as there’s less crowds. 

Gorge yourself on a feast of Peruvian delights 

This fiesta of flavours can, of course, be enjoyed anywhere at any time in Peru.

However, food is an important part of Fiestas Patrias, just as it is an important part of the country’s culture as a whole.

Sometimes the best way of getting to know a culture is through your senses.

So, compliment the sights and the sounds of the celebrations with something delicious from any of the fantastic vendors you’ll find throughout the country on this day.

A picture of a parade during Fiestas Patrias.


Enjoy the fireworks

It would hardly be an independence day without an explosive array of colourful fireworks.

Firework displays can be found in conjuncture with celebrations throughout the country, with some being less official than others.

The biggest event can be found in the Plaza de Armas: the main square of Lima, as well as surrounding streets.

Wherever you are though, we’re sure your Fiesta Patrias celebrations will get off with a bang. 

Learn for free 

One very cool part of this two-day holiday is that there’s so much going on surrounding the events which can help you to appreciate the festivities on a much deeper level.

One example is that museums around the country often offer discounted or free admission during Fiesta Patrias.

This way, you can learn about the country and its history in order to provide greater context and understanding to your celebrations.

This shows just how serious Peru takes this time of the year. It is not just as celebration, but also a way to educate people about their rich culture and history. 

Toast to independence

During the first swearing of independence, congress toasted with Ponche de los Libertadores, also known as Liberator’s Punch.

They’ve also been toasting with the same drink ever since, and it only seems fitting that you join them wherever in Peru you find yourself.

If you are unable to get yourself some Liberators Punch, the next best thing has to be Pisco Sours, the country’s national drink. Cheers to independence!

Children playing during Fiestas Patrias.


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