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All our holidays in South America can be 100% tailor-made, so if you'd like to plan a trip to tie in with one of the many fantastic events and festivals taking place throughout the year, you just have to ask...

We can help arrange tickets, transfers and even VIP packages to many of South America's biggest events. And, of course, if you want to arrange a wider holiday but make sure you get your dates right to fit in with a particular festival in South America, just get in touch with one of our specialist consultants and we'll let you know the best way to go about it!

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Festivals in Argentina


There's plenty to keep you busy in Argentina, no matter what time of year you visit, from Bariloche's huge snow festival in the winter, to South America's largest arts festival in May.

PassoverPassover - 22-30 Apr, Buenos Aires

We offer Passover programmes in Argentina, Brazil and Peru, but there's no reason you can't combine them all, so why not enjoy a Passover with a difference in 2020?

Tango FestivalTango Festival - 03-23 Aug, Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is the birthplace of the tango, and every year the Buenos Aires Tango Festival celebrates that history with week-long events and competitions.

OktoberfestOktoberfest - 04-14 Oct, Gral. Belgrano

Like many countries in South America, Argentina has a rich German heritage, among many other nationalities, and this is celebrated each year at the huge Oktoberfest festival in Villa General Belgrano...

Trelew EisteddfodTrelew Eisteddfod - 31 Oct, Trelew

The annual Chubut Eisteddfod is the largest celebration of Welsh culture outside of Wales and reflects the pride in their heritage of the inhabitants of Welsh Patagonia...

Gay Pride BAGay Pride BA - 02 Nov, Buenos Aires

The annual Gay Pride week in Buenos Aires usually takes place in November, and it's the biggest Gay Pride celebration in South America...

Festivals in Bolivia


Bolivia is rich in indigenous traditions and festivals, often merged with Catholic festivals with some weird and wonderful results, like the freaky devil dancers at the Oruro Carnival...

Fiesta Gran PoderFiesta Gran Poder - 21-22 May, La Paz

Bolivia's largest single festival, the Fiesta del Gran Poder takes over the whole of La Paz for two days in May, as 30,000 dancers and 400,000 spectators take to the streets...

Festivals in Brazil


Carnival is an obvious high point of the year in Brazil, but did you know that New Year's Eve in Rio is an even bigger party? Or that in the north-east Bumba Meu Boi and the Sao Joao festivals are a chance to see the real Brazil?

São João FestivalSão João Festival - 24 Jun, Caruaru

The annual Sao Joao festival takes place throughout northern Brazil, but especially in the town of Caruaru and in the north it's even bigger than Carnival...

Bumba Meu BoiBumba Meu Boi - 26-29 Jun, Parantins

If you missed out on the Rio Carnival, why not join millions of Brazilians instead at the huge Amazon festival of Bumba Meu Boi? It might not be that well-known but it's one of the biggest annual events in South America...

Brazilian Grand PrixBrazilian Grand Prix - 13-15 Nov, Sao Paulo

The Sao Paulo Grand Prix is the only Formula 1 race held in South America, and thousands of crazy Brazilian fans pack the Interlagos circuit in Sao Paulo every year.

Festivals in Chile


Chils isn't famous for its festivals but the indigenous Tapati festival on Easter Island is one of our favourites in South America.

Fiesta de La TiranaFiesta de La Tirana - 16 Jul, La Tirana

Sometimes Chile seems very European and sometimes it's VERY South American. The Fiesta de la Tirana, when 200,000 party-goers descend on this tiny town is definitely the latter ...

Festivals in Colombia


Colombia's festivals might not be as well-known as those of Brazil or Peru, but the Barranquilla Carnival is every bit as much fun as Rio or Salvador, and they also do a good line in modern music festivals.

Barranquilla CarnivalBarranquilla Carnival - 20-30 Apr, Barranquilla

Move over Rio! If you want a completely authentic but completely wild week, then the Barranquilla Carnival is the place for you...

Flower FestivalFlower Festival - 01-10 Aug, Medellin

Colombia produces some of the most beautiful flowers on the planet, and they're very proud of it! So every year for the last 57 years, Medellin has hosted one of the world's biggest flower festivals...

Festivals in Ecuador


Ecuador has many of the same religious and indigenous festivals as its neighbour, Peru, but also some intriguing traditions of its own, and the biggest New Year's Eve celebrations outside of Rio.

Carnaval 2024Carnaval 2024 - 20-30 Apr, Cuenca

Ecuador's Carnival (also known as Carnaval) is one of the largest in South America and is famous for its huge water fights, huge parties, and fancy dress devils!

Inti Raymi EcuadorInti Raymi Ecuador - 24 Jun, Otavalo

The most famous Inti Raymi festival takes place in Cusco, Peru, but the Inca Empire stretched all the way to the very north of Ecuador, and the yearly Festival of the Sun is celebrated here too...

Festivals in Peru


From traditional Inca festivals like Inti Raymi, to culinary events such as the annual Mistura or South America's largest film festival, 2020 is an action-packed year in Peru...

Paso Horse FestivalPaso Horse Festival - Event has been rescheduled

The annual Caballo de Paso festival takes place in Lima, Peru, and is a celebration of the famous Peruvian paso horses which are famed throughout the world.

Inti RaymiInti Raymi - 24 Jun, Cusco

Inti Raymi was the major festival of the Inca Empire and falls on the Winter Solstice, celebrating the return of the Sun to the lands of the Inca...

Fiestas PatriasFiestas Patrias - 28-29 Jul, Nationwide

Peru's annual Fiestas Patrias celebrations to mark Peru's independence from Spain take place on the 28th and 29th of July and many Peruvians head to the coast for a long holiday weekend...

Señor de los MilagrosSeñor de los Milagros - 18-19 Oct, Lima

Every year in Lima, Peru, the Señor de los Milagros procession fills the streets with thousands of people in one of the world's largest Catholic festivals.