Two tango dancers in the street during the Tango World Cup.

Would it be an Argentina holiday without a touch of tango? Take a trip to Buenos Aires and get involved with one of the most thrilling times in the Argentinian calendar — the Buenos Aires’ Tango Festival.

This vibrant event just so happens to coincide with the World Cup, also known as the citywide Buenos Aires Tango Championship.

This means that there is plenty to keep fans of flamboyant dance moves entertained during this time. The festival begins on the 8th August, with both it and the World Cup ending on the 22nd of the same month.

What’s on at the Buenos Aires’ Tango Festival and World Cup?

Of course, dancing takes centre stage — it is in the name, after all. Alongside the incredible tango aficionados though, you will also be able to enjoy a wide variety of dance shows, as well as the amazing art exhibitions, incredible parties, tango orchestras, competitions, games and food.

It is a feast of so many of the things which makes Argentina, and Buenos Aires in particular, such an amazing place to visit.

In fact, even if you weren’t a big fan of dance, you’d still find so much to enjoy about this festival that we doubt anyone could fail to have a great time amongst the exuberant variety on offer.

This Argentine tango festival is a celebration with various different facets to it. But it’s also important to remember that the sum of its parts is greater than the individual pieces.

Even though there’s so much to see, do and experience as part of this event, it all combines to create a collective experience like no other.

It’s one with thousands of performers, hundreds of thousands of visitors, and an atmosphere like no other.

Evening dancers in the straight in Buenos Aires.

How much are tickets and where can I get them?

This is a free – that’s right, completely free – two week-long celebration of the unique and colourful culture of Argentina. The only costs are what you choose to spend.

While tickets are also free for the Tango World Cup, they are only available to a limited number of people on a first come first serve basis with a two ticket per person limit. Tickets are available at the Casa de Cultura, Av. de Mayo 575.

There are other smaller shows available during the festival too, but tickets are generally given out a few hours before the show.

Official festival venues include Luna Park, Teatro Colon, Usina del Arte, Museo del Cine, La Catedral and many others.

However, festival events take place in some form or another throughout every part of the city, so you won’t have to worry about missing out on the celebrations.

Where should I stay during the Buenos Aires’ Tango Festival and World Cup?

As there are activities available pretty much everywhere throughout Buenos Aires during the festival, it means that you can stay in the vast majority of areas in the capital and still be able to enjoy the festival.

Of course, if there are particular venues you want to go to, then you’ll want to book somewhere nearby, especially with tickets for local events being given away at a moment’s notice.

One thing to keep in mind regardless of your accommodation arrangements is that while the festival is held in August — the peak of summer in the UK — this is winter in Buenos Aires.

This means you’ll want to pack some warm clothes to ensure you don’t have to rely solely on dancing to keep warm.

No matter where you stay though, we are sure you’ll be swept away by the excitement and the beauty of the exceptional Buenos Aires Tango Festival.

A couple in a professional Tango competition.

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