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Which Currency Do They Use in Peru?

The official currency in Peru is the Nuevo Sol (usually people just say 'sol', plural soles 'so-less') but US dollar notes are also accepted as money in Peru, especially for higher-value transactions. So, for example, if you were just buying a cup of coca tea, then soles would be your first choice but if you were ordering a meal at Astrid y Gaston in Lima you'll find the menu priced in dollars... In fact, recent dollar depreciation has seen the nuevo sol used more and more for even quite high-value transactions, and where a few years ago adverts for cars or computers were always in dollars, that is starting to change.

Latest Peru Nuevo Sol Exchange Rate
peruvian nuevo sol£1 = S./5.0785
Last Updated: 16:53 11 February 2016

It is possible to buy Peruvian currency in the UK, and rates are increasingly competitive so this can be a good way to go. However, given that you can use US currency in Peru (and also exchange it locally at extremely competitive rates), you may find that US dollars are the best money to bring to Peru. You can always easily exchange them for Peruvian currency once you're in Peru, and if you have money left at the end of your holiday it's a lot easier to exchange dollars back into pounds in the UK than it is with Peruvian money!

Sample Holidays in Peru

Holidays in Peru Inca Heaven 12-day holiday in Peru for £1495pp

Our Inca Heaven itinerary includes plenty of time in the ancient Inca capital of Cusco, the Sacred Valley of the Urubamba, a full tour of Machu Picchu and the beautiful Lake Titicaca ...

Holiday to Peru Southern Cross 16-day Peru holidays for £1895pp

The Southern Cross includes almost all the highlights of southern Peru, with a trip to Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca, but also some time in lovely colonial Arequipa and a tour of Colca Canyon ...

How much money should I bring to Peru?

It's obviously very difficult to work out exactly how much spending money you should bring on a holiday in Peru, as everyone has different tastes and spending habits, but hopefully this table will give you a reasonable idea of how much money you can expect to spend in Peru on day-to-day expenses.

ItemCost (£)
Postcard £0.40
Alpaca Gloves £1.50-2.50
Lunch (set menu - mid-range) £3.50
Lunch/Dinner (a la carte - mid-range) £6-9
Lunch/Dinner (a la carte - high-end) £12-30
Bottle of water £0.75
Bottle of beer £1.20 (Cristal) / £1.80 (Cuzqueña)
Glass of wine £3 (Peruvian) / £5+ (imported)
Coffee / Tea / Coca Tea £1.50

Please note that all the above costs are likely to be slightly higher in Peru's capital, Lima, but slightly cheaper in the north of Peru. You'll also find that if you wander just a couple of blocks from the main square in places like Arequipa and Cusco, and if you're prepared to give a bit of Spanish a go, you can probably knock 30-50% off many of those prices as well...