Guide to South America

Guide to South America

The RealWorld Guide to South America

We're proud to say we know just about every inch of South America, and we'd be delighted to talk to you and make some recommendations for your holidays, but of course sometimes it's nice to sit back and do your own research, so to let you do just that here is your very own RealWorld guide to South America.

Climate and Weather in South America

Weather in South America

Over such a large area, the weather in South America can vary tremendously from place to place, and season to season. Because almost all of South America is in the southern hemisphere, their summer is our winter, but in tropical and equatorial areas the difference between the rainy season and the dry season can actually be more important...

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Jabs and Immunisations for South America

Medical Advice for South America

Just what immunisations do you need for South America? Find all the advice you need in our special immunisations guide to South America...

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Language in South America

Languages in South America

The official language in most South American countries is Spanish, but that's only part of the story... See our language guide for much more.

Guide to Languages in South America