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Map of Peru When you think of Peru, your first thoughts are probably of lost Inca cities high in the cloud forest of the Andes, and no-one would begrudge you those. But for those in the know, there's so much more to Peru than that...

If amazing wildlife or stunning natural scenery is what you're looking for in a holiday, then the pristine rainforest of the Amazon basin, the majestic vistas of Colca Canyon or the snow-capped peaks of the Cordillera Blanca might be what catches your eye.

Or if you're more interested in Peru's fascinating history and traditional culture, you might like to explore the Inca heartland of the Sacred Valley, the prehistoric pyramids of the pre-Inca north, or the majestic colonial architecture on show in towns like Arequipa.

And for a change of pace, why not investigate how modern Peruvians are bringing their heritage and traditions into the modern era by enjoying some of the world-beating fusion restaurants and avant garde galleries in vibrant cities like Lima and Cusco?

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