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Whether you’re travelling deep in the Inca heartland or across the Southern Patagonia, holidays to South America are guaranteed to deliver plenty in the way of awe-inspiring landscapes.

Here are some top tips to help you capture those incredible memories while you traverse this captivating continent.

Do your research

Before you travel, it’s recommended that you spend a bit of time researching the area you are planning to visit.

This way, you can discover where the most interesting terrains are, as well as check if there are any special celebrations or religious events taking place during your trip. These can provide an extra level of intrigue and vibrancy to your photos.

Your research doesn’t have to end when you board the plane either. On arrival, it’s a good idea to visit tourist information centres and speak to locals to gain inspiration and insight into where you can take the best snaps.

Pack what you need but travel light

While you may be eager to take your entire studio along with you, restrictions such as insurance costs and baggage allowances can mean you have to be selective when packing.

To scale down your photography selection, choose a reliable camera along with a lightweight tripod, memory cards, flash unit and a protective storage bag that is portable, durable and water-resistant.

It can also be difficult to know which lenses to take with you but if you have to limit yourself to just one, then a fast zoom will allow you to capture images at various distances.

Additionally, make sure that you have taken out the necessary insurance on your equipment and that you have fully checked over the policy to ensure all your planned activities are covered.

Should the worse happen and your expensive photography equipment becomes lost, stolen or damaged, it’s comforting to know that you won’t be out of pocket.

A tourist taking a picture with a retro camera.

Keep notes on your snaps

It can be all too easy to get swept up in the excitement of each day’s adventure. However, if you don’t take the time to properly take notes on the events and locations you visited, then you’ll have a mammoth task of labelling your photos when you return home.

Take a journal with you and make a few quick notes at the end of the day on what activities you embarked on and the different destinations you visited.

If you decide to get some portraits of local characters you meet along your adventure, then this is also a good way of remembering their names and interesting facts about them.

Take precautions

Regardless of how safe your destination is, it’s always important to take the proper precautionary steps to keep both you and your equipment safe.

This starts with taking out a comprehensive insurance policy so you’ll be fully taken care of should you suffer any injuries or illnesses during your travels.

You’ll likely be carrying valuable equipment around with you, so invest in anti-theft bags and strong locks. Leave other valuables, bank cards, cash and important documents securely in your accommodation.

Keep a small amount of cash on your person separate from your wallet, so you always have money in an emergency, and make sure you know the emergency contact numbers.

Booking guided tours with Real World Holidays can be a great way to explore amazing destinations without the need to scout out new areas.

In Latin America, one of the greatest risks to tourists is road accidents, so by having your travel sorted for you by knowledgeable experts, there’s one less thing that you have to worry about.

Try to capture something new

Holidays to Brazil aren’t limited to the Carnival and Christ the Redeemer, just as honeymoons to South America can be about more than sandy coastlines and candlelit dining.

Of course, there are some staple sight-seeing snaps that you’ll want to take but try to think outside of the box with your travel photography too.

Experiment with shots from different heights, use natural lighting around dawn and dusk to create a certain atmosphere or mingle with the locals to see things from their perspective. Never be afraid to get creative.

A tourist taking a picture in Machu Picchu.

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