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Bolivia captures the heart of every visitor, whether its for its rich indigenous culture and traditions, the stunning beauty of Lake Titicaca, or the jaw-dropping otherworldliness of the Salar de Uyuni Salt Flats, and we're sure you will feel exactly the same.

It's why many people feel that Bolivia captures the 'real' South America, both for good and bad. Things aren't always easy here: although there is great wealth in Bolivia, most don't get to share in it; and although things are improving, the infrastructure can leave a lot to be desired in comparison with wealthy neighbours like Argentina or Brazil. In fact ever since Chile stole Bolivia's coastline in the War of the Pacific in 1883, Bolivia has been much the poor relation of the continent.

But there is tremendous pride among Bolivians in the natural riches their country offers, and a holiday in Bolivia is something we can guarantee you'll remember for ever.

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La Paz & Tiahuanaco

Tiahuanaco, La Paz

The capital of Bolivia, La Paz is a fascinating city of contrasts and in many ways it epitomises Bolivia itself. You have the faded grandeur of the colonial architecture of the historic centre and the vibrant indigenous traditions of places like the Witches Market, all the way down to the glass skyscrapers of the Zona Sur. Meanwhile, just outside the city you can visit the colossal pre-Inca ruins of Tiahuanaco, which are the oldest remains of Andean civilization anywhere. Click here for a holiday with La Paz & Tiahuanaco

Salar de Uyuni

Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia

Hands down the stand-out attraction in Bolivia are the amazing Salar de Uyuni salt flats. This vast salt sea (complete with 'islands') covers an area roughly the size of Wales and is one of the most beautiful landscapes in South America. As you progress further into the Salar you enter another otherworldly landscape of huge snow-capped volcanoes, weirdly-coloured mineral lakes and caves containing pre-Inca mummies... Click here for a holiday including the Salar de Uyuni

Lake Titicaca

Lake Titicaca in Bolivia

Forming part of Bolivia's border with Peru, the broad, still waters of Lake Titicaca are the highest navigable lake in the world and is justifiably known as the Pearl of the Andes. The Incas believed it to be the place from which the world was created, and when you spend time in the middle of this vast lake you begin to understand why. A night on the beautiful Isla del Sol is a great way to break the journey into Peru, or just to enjoy some peace and tranquility away from La Paz. Click here for a holiday crossing Lake Titicaca

Potosi and Sucre

Colonial Potosi

Back in the south of Bolivia, the colonial towns of Potosi and Sucre offer a fascinating insight into the country's past. Potosi and the nearby mines of Cerro Rico were the world's main source of silver during the years of Spanish colonial rule, and indigenous people died in huge numbers extracting the precious metal. Much of this was administered from the nearby town of Sucre, which today is one of the prettiest colonial towns in Bolivia. Click here for a holiday including Sucre and Potosi