2023/24 Road Trips in South America

South America Road Trips

Self Drive South America

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Self Drive Holidays in South America

We try and make sure that all our South America holidays give you plenty of freedom: the last thing we want is to herd people around in a big bus, barking instructions at you! But we know that for complete freedom, you need your own set of wheels...

There are some fantastic road trips in South America, from the vistas and wide open spaces of Ruta 40 in Argentina, to the ferries and fjords of Chile's Carretera Austral, and we've put together a whole range of South America self drive holidays to allow you to enjoy them under your own steam.

We do have to say, however, that we just can't recommend self drive everywhere in South America. In many places either the roads, signage, vehicles or other drivers (or even all four...) mean that without a decent grasp of Spanish/Portuguese and plenty of experience of driving in developing countries, you might like someone else to do the actual driving...

However, there are plenty of places in South America where with the right support and advice we think self drive makes perfect sense, so if you'd like to plan your very own road trip in South America, have a look at some of the following and then get in touch to find out more!

Some Suggested 2023/24 South America Road Trips

  • Patagonia Self-Drive

    • Length: 10 days
    • From: £1995pp
    • Highlights: Perito Moreno, Torres del Paine, Buenos Aires

    Get behind the wheel and explore the very best of Patagonia! Our self drive holidays in Argentina and Chile let you explore both sides of the border so you don't miss an inch of this beautiful region ...

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  • Carretera Austral

    • Length: 12 days
    • From: £2795pp
    • Highlights: Lake District, Carretera Austral

    This fantastic self-drive trip takes you south from the Lake District onto Chile's iconic Carretera Austral to see some of the most remote - and most beautiful - scenery in South America...

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  • Desert Drive

    • Length: 7 days
    • From: £1450pp
    • Highlights: Santiago, Atacama Desert

    Chile's Atacama Desert is one of the planet's most extreme environments but it's surprisingly well-suited for fly drive holidays ...

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  • Lake District Loop

    • Length: 16 days
    • From: £2350pp
    • Highlights: Lake District, Esquel, Bariloche

    Get off the beaten track with this great self drive holiday covering the Lake District of both Chile and Argentina ...

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Other Self Drive Options

South America Car hire

We've listed some of our favourite self drive holidays above, but you needn't stick to these. Although we don't think car hire is a sensible option in much of South America, there are plenty of places where hiring a car for a couple of days can be a great way to explore the area under your own steam. So if you'd like to explore beyond the ideas on this page, just get in touch and ask us where else you could hire a car in South America and hit the road...

Ask us about car hire in South America
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