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South America's Newest Railway Journey

It seems strange to describe a heritage railway using steam locomotives as 'new', but in fact the entire railway from Quito in the Andes mountains down to Guayaquil on the Pacific Coast has been entirely re-laid, and what a stunning journey it is!

The full journey, including the infamous Devil's Nose switchback, leaves Quito on a Tuesday and takes you four days with three overnight stops before you arrive in Guayaquil on the Friday. Along the way you see some of Ecuador's most superb scenery, including the beautiful cloud forest and the stunning mountains of the Cotopaxi National Park and the 'Avenue of the Volcanoes'.

Of course, you don't have to follow the full itinerary, and many people choose to leave the train after the Devil's Nose and head south to visit Cuenca. There are plans to restore this section of the line as well, so hopefully you will soon be able to make this whole journey by rail.

Holidays on the Tren Crucero

Although we can include the Tren Crucero in any of our Ecuador holidays, we also offer a special 7-day package which includes all four days of the Tren Crucero journey, plus accommodation and tours in Quito, and a night at the end in Guayaquil as follows:

  • Day One: Arrival in Quito
  • Day Two: City Tour of Quito
  • Day Three: Start Tren Crucero journey into Cotopaxi National Park
  • Day Four: Cotopaxi to Riobamba
  • Day Five: The Devil's Nose to Alausi
  • Day Six: Buray-Guayaquil
  • Day Seven: Fly home from Guayaquil

Our price for this 7-day package is from £1795pp, but please contact us for specific dates and prices.

Other Railway Journeys in Ecuador

As well as the full route above, there are also options to travel on just short sections of the line - these are operated as regular day trips and can provide a great way of seeing a bit more of Ecuador.

From Quito, you can take one of the regular trains south into the Cotopaxi National Park, either to the El Boliche Forest Park, or on to the market town of Latacunga. These services all run from Thursdays to Sundays, and additionally on national holidays.

There are also services from Riobamba which will take you to see the Chimborazo volcano and the traditional village of Urbina; services from Guayaquil to visit the agaricultural valleys to the east of the city; and a single service from the northern town of Ibarra into the lovely Chota Valley.

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