Solar Eclipse 2020

Eclipse Chasing in South America

Chasing the 2020 Solar Eclipse

On the 14th December 2020, parts of central Argentina and Chile will again be lucky enough to be directly under the track of a total solar eclipse. Fantastic if you live there - even better if you can make it the centrepiece of a holiday exploring South America!

Although we recognise that the eclipse itself will be the main event for most people, we're delighted that the eclipse track passes right over some of the most beautiful scenery in both Argentina and Chile, near the lakes and forests of San Martin de los Andes in Argentina, and the snow-capped volcanoes of Pucon and Villarica in Chile.

Eclipse track for the 2020 Total Solar Eclipse

Using expertise gained from organising trips to see the 2020 eclipse, we're again working with our dedicated local partners to put together some fantastic itineraries on both sides of the border so that you can enjoy this amazing event:

Argentina 2020 Eclipse Packages

In Argentina, the eclipse track passes just north of the town of San Martin de los Andes. This is a major ski centre in the Argentine winter, which means that for our purposes there is a lot of good quality accommodation which is largely unoccupied in December! We will be basing in San Martin but also including visits to the nearby town of Bariloche to enable you to see a bit more of this beautiful region.

Expected Duration of Totality: 2m09s

Chile 2020 Eclipse Packages

In Chile, the 2020 eclipse track passes just to the south of the little town of Pucon, on Lake Villarica. This beautiful area is a popular adventure sports location in Chile, but there is only a limited amount of accommodation available, so we will be basing in the coastal city of Valdivia for the eclipse itself, roughly an hour's drive from the centreline of the eclipse track. From Valdivia, you will have the chance to head north into Chilean Wine Country, or south to the island of Chiloe and the National Parks of the Carretera Austral.

Expected Duration of Totality: 2m08s

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