Trelew Eisteddfod festival in

Trelew Eisteddfod

Celebration of Welsh Patagonia

Croeso a Trelew!

If you've got any Welsh heritage yourself, then a visit to Welsh Patagonia on your Argentina holiday is absolutely fascinating, and the annual Eisteddfod in Trelew is a great time to visit.

Thousands of Welsh people made the long sea voyage to Argentina in the 19th Century, and there is still a recognisable Welsh presence today in towns like Trelew and Rawson. It's even more recognisable in some of the smaller villages such as Gaiman and Trevelin, where you can sit and enjoy afternoon tea and welsh cakes in traditional tea houses, and hear Welsh spoken on the streets.

There are several celebrations of Welsh culture throughout the year in Patagonia, but the largest is definitely the Chubut Eisteddfod, which takes place in Trelew, with traditional poetry, music and dancing among lots of other activities.

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