Fiestas Patrias festival in

Fiestas Patrias

Independence Day in Peru

Fiestas Patrias in Peru

Peru's Independence was pronounced on the 28th July 1821, and it's marked every year with a 21-gun salute which is a general signal to Peruvians to down tools and start celebrating...

There are parades by the Armed Forces and Police, and an address from the President, but really most Peruvians just like to take advantage of having two full days off work, and many will seize the chance to travel within Peru to see family, or just to visit other parts of the country. It's the Peruvian winter, so many who can afford it will head to the northern beaches to enjoy some sunshine.

This does mean that hotels and airlines can be very busy, and many charge increased rates over these few days. However, the party atmosphere makes it a great time to visit Peru, and even for those who stay at home, the two days off are usually marked by parties and family meals, as everyone celebrates being independent from Spain - well, you would, wouldn't you?

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