Fiesta Gran Poder festival in

Fiesta del Gran Poder

Bolivia's Biggest Festival

Feel the Power!

The annual Fiesta del Gran Poder festival in La Paz is the most popular religious festival in Bolivia, and pays homage to an icon of Jesus known as Nuestro Señor del Gran Poder (Our Lord of Great Power). Although it is nominally a Catholic festival, it owes much more to indigenous Aymara roots, and it's a fantastic cultural expereince for anyone wanting to see the real Bolivia!

The festival sees hundreds of thousands of participants performing folkloric dances parade through the streets of the city, adorned with extravagant traditional costumes, and accompanied by brass bands. Street parties follow in the evening, when La Paz is full to the rafters of visitors and tourists enjoying the celebrations.

La Fiesta del Gran Poder was created by the indigenous Aymara people of the Andes, and is much a celebration of the country’s rich cultural heritage as a Catholic festival. The dances tell folkloric tales, and represent different communities from all over Bolivia and the Andes, and the festival is a bringing together of these communities.

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