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Inti Raymi

Celebrating the Andean New Year

The Inti Raymi Festival

The Festival of the Sun (or Inti Raymi in Quechua) was the major festival of the Inca Empire and fell on the Winter Solstice, celebrating the return of the Sun to the lands of the Inca.

Although it fell into abeyance under Spanish rule, the festival was still celebrated by indigenous peoples throughout the Andes, and in the twentieth century was revived as a mass festival in the Peruvian city of Cusco.

Today, it has become a real symbol of Quechua pride and the celebrations in Cusco are the largest street festival in South America with the exception of the Rio Carnival.

Although the street parties are fun by themselves, the centrepiece main event takes place up at Sacsayhuaman, the ancient Inca fortress overlooking Cusco, where the ancient Inca ritual praying for the return of the sun is spectacularly re-enacted, and we can arrange for you to have a ringside seat right at the heart of the celebrations.

For the 2020 Inti Raymi festival we are offering a special 7-day holiday which includes all the following for just £1450pp:

  • VIP package to the 2020 Inti Raymi Festival at Sacsayhuaman
  • Full-day tours of Machu Picchu and Cusco
  • All accommodation
  • All internal flights and private transfers
  • Breakfast every day

Of course, just like all our Peru holidays, the above can be tailor-made in any way you like. So if you'd like to experience the 2020 Inti Raymi Festival for yourself, just get in touch and let us do the rest!

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