ISA World Longboard, Huanchaco

ISA World Championship

Longboard Surfing in Huanchaco

The ISA World Longboard Championship

Huanchaco is a beach town just outside of Trujillo, in the north of Peru, and for a few years now it has been establishing itself as one of the best spots for surfing in Peru, if not the whole of South America.

So we're delighted that Huanchaco will be hosting ISA's inaugural World Longboard Championship in September 2013. The event will see more than 120 longboarders from around the world take part in Mens, Womens and Junior categories and hopefully it will be a big success, as it would be great for this to be an annual feature in the calendar.

Trujillo itself offers some fantastic sights to see, even if you're not a keen surfer, and we're always pleased to get more people up to the north of Peru so this looks like a very good excuse indeed...

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