Medellin Flower Festival

The Feria de las Flores

Say it with Flowers

Colombians have an incredible zest for life, and it's safe to say that the annual Medellin Feria de la Flores isn't your grandmothers' flower festival...

Taking over the entirety of Colombia's second city for a week every summer, the Medellin Flower Festival is an expression of national and regional pride, and the people of Medellin have always seen it as a chance to celebrate what is bold, bright and beautiful about their city.

As such, there is a huge programme of cultural events, including free outdoor concerts of classical, rock, and electronic music, art exhibitions, public performance pieces, food roadshows and cookery classes, you name it: it's all happening, and the whole city gets involved, with a carnival-like atmosphere.

But of course, the focus is on the flowers, and the exhibition gardens in the city's Botanical Gardens make Chelsea look tame... Colombia's tropical climate and varied geography means that they can (and do!) grow just about anything here, but enormous orchids are a particular highlight, and the show gardens are overflowing with life and colour.

Desfilo de Silleteros, Feria de las Flores 2017, Medellin. Photo by Felipe Martinez

Then, on the final day, you can enjoy the centrepiece of every year's Medellin Flower Festival, with the annual Desfilo de Silleteros. In this historic parade, growers carry colossal arrangements of flowers on wooden pallets on their backs through the centre of Medellin, with the most beautiful and extravagant arrangements winning the coveted prizes. It's an incredible spectacle, and a fantastic expression of Colombian exuberance!

Tours to the 2020 Medellin Flower Festival

So if you'd like to include the 2020 Medellin Flower Festival as part of a holiday to Colombia this year, we'd be delighted to organise it all for you. Unfortunately hotel prices do shoot up in Medellin for the duration of the festival, and availability runs short very quickly, such is the interest from both within Colombia, and overseas, but our standard 7-day Flower Festival package starts at just £1200pp, including transfers, tours, accommodation and entrance tickets for the Botanical Gardens.

It's a side to Colombia that most people don't see, so if you'd like to take it in as part of a longer trip then just get in touch and we can start planning!

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