Oktoberfest festival in


Argentina's Beer Festival

Oktoberfest Comes to Argentina

You might think that Oktoberfest was purely a German affair, but there's a big German community in Argentina, and every year they have their very own Oktoberfest in Argentina, and everyone's welcome!

Argentina's biggest beer festival takes place in the small town of Villa General Belgrano, near Cordoba in the north of Argentina, which is characterised by its Bavarian-style architecture. A little trivia for you: after the scuttling of the Graf Spee off Montevideo, 130 of the surviving sailors settled in Villa General Belgrano.

Oktoberfest takes lasts for a mammoth eleven days, and the majority of it takes place in the specially designed 'Beer Garden', attracting tens of thousands of people who come to enjoy the beautiful scenery, all the German delicacies, oh... and all the great beer!

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