PiriBier Beer Festival

Piri Beer Festival

Drink Less, Drink Better!

PiriBier 2020

“Drink less, drink better!” is the motto for Brazil’s largest beer festival, which begin in 2015 and takes place in the colonial town of Pirenopolis, better known as 'Piri'. Just a short drive from the capital, Brasilia, it's great fun for anyone who loves the odd beer - and some are definitely odder than others!

The festival celebrates speciality beers (as well as other alcoholic drinks) from across the country, and involves workshops and seminars with renowned brewers, live music, and, of course, plenty of tasting!

Historic Pirenópolis went through an alternative movement in the ‘70s, and still retains a hippie, quirky vibe today, making it the perfect setting for the Piri Bier Festival, which attracted hundreds of visitors last year, and promises to continue for years to come.

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