Rock al Parque festival in

Rock al Parque

Where Colombia Rocks!

Colombia's Biggest Music Festival

Every year since 1995, Simon Bolivar Park in Bogota has hosted the annual Rock al Parque music festival, and over the past twenty years it's grown to become not just the biggest music festival in Colombia, but the biggest rock event in South America.

People usually think of Colombia as the land of salsa, but actually there's a thriving rock and metal scene in the country, and Rock al Parque plays host to all the big Colombian groups such as Ataque En Contra, but also leading international groups.

Best of all, entrance is completely, utterly FREE! The whole event is sponsored by the city council, so all you need to do is turn up and enjoy!

We'll be able to help with transfers, accommodation and everything else you might need, so if you'd like to take in a music festival on your Colombia holidays, just let us know!

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