Señor de los Milagros festival in

Señor de los Milagros

Lima's Biggest Festival

The "Lord of Miracles" Festival in Lima

The annual Señor de los Milagros (Lord of Miracles) procession is the largest of its kind in Latin America, and one of the biggest Catholic festivals in the world, with tens of thousands of the faithful taking part every year.

The procession honours a 350-year-old image of a black Jesus which was painted by a freed slave, and which has been venerated since an earthquake destroyed the entire church in which it was painted except for the wall with the image.

It takes 2500 people to carry this two-tonne block of masonry through the historic streets of Central Lima in a procession from the Las Nazarenas church to the church of La Merced. The procession is a riot of flags, bunting and bright colours, with most participants wearing purple, the traditional colour of the Nazarene nuns who care for the image throughout the year.

Even if you're not a believer, the procession is incredibly impressive and the atmosphere is fantastic. As well as the procession itself, you can enjoy the traditional Turron nougat, and doughnuts called picarones - Peruvians love any excuse to rot their teeth!

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