Fiesta de la Vendimia festival in

Fiesta de la Vendimia

A Celebration of Wine

The World's Best Wine Festival

Mendoza is normally a pretty tranquil sort of place, but on the first weekend of March it comes alive as everyone from miles around (and all over the world!) comes into town for the annual Fiesta de la Vendimia.

As one of the world's leading wine producing areas, Mendoza's Vendimia Festival attracts wine connoisseurs from around the world, with a real carnival atmosphere. Things begin with a blessing of the vineyards by the Archbishop of Mendoza but after that things get quite a bit less holy...

Over the long weekend over 300,000 people flock to Mendoza to see the parades featuring gauchos in traditional costumes, folk bands, the annual 'Reina de la Vendimia' beauty pageant, and (of course) to drink a few glasses of Malbec...

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