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Jabs and Immunisations for Brazil

Which Jabs and Immunisations for Brazil Do I Need?

To enjoy your holiday in Brazil to the full, it's obviously important to make sure that you have had all the jabs and immunisations you might need for Brazil, so that you can just enjoy your holiday without having to worry.

You should always get professional medical advice before travelling abroad: advice can change from time to time and your own personal circumstances can affect the advice you need. However, it's always helpful to understand the advice and any medical issues for yourself, so read on for our guide to all the jabs and innoculations you may need for your holiday in Brazil.

Standard Jabs and Immunisations for Brazil

There are no compulsory jabs or immunisations for Brazil, but as with travel to any developing country, it's always recommended that you check you are up-to-date with boosters for all the following diseases:

  • Tetanus
  • Typhoid
  • Diptheria
  • Hepatitis A

You may sometimes be advised to have rabies immunisations for Brazil. Please do seek professional advice on this matter but we would suggest that, while not totally eradicated, rabies is not common in Brazil and in any case you will never be further than 24 hours from a rabies jab so if we have to we can get you the jab within Brazil.

Brazil Malaria map

Yellow Fever and Malaria

Brazil Yellow Fever map

Malaria is prevalent, particularly in jungle areas below 900m in the north-west of Brazil. In particular if you are visiting the Amazon rainforest, for example on our Amazon adventure holiday then you will almost certainly be advised to take a short course of anti-malarials. Outside of these areas it won't be required, and so you usually only need a course for a few days to cover the time you will actually be in the Amazon.

Yellow Fever, however, is much more widespread, and in fact almost the whole of Brazil is classed as a Yellow Fever area, with the exception of areas right on the coast. So if you are just visiting Rio and Salvador on your Brazil holiday then you don't need to worry, but for almost anywhere else it's worth making sure that everyone has had their yellow fever immunisations for Brazil. It should also be noted that if you are entering Brazil overland from Peru via Tabatinga, you will be asked to show a valid Yellow Fever certificate - this DOES NOT apply to any other points of entry into Brazil.

Dengue Fever

There is one last condition which can cause travellers in Brazil problems, and which you cannot be vaccinated against, is Dengue Fever. Also known as 'breakbone fever' because of the joint pains it produces, dengue fever is prevalent throughout Brazil and is carried by mosquitoes that fly during the day. It does mean you don't need to worry while you're asleep, but even in cities like Rio you may want to wear insect repellent during the day.

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