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Jabs and Immunisations for Argentina

What Jabs and Immunisations Do I Need?

Of course, we want to make sure that you enjoy your holiday in Argentina to the full, and so it's obviously important to make sure that you have had all the jabs and immunisations you might need for Argentina, so that you can just enjoy your holiday without any medical worries.

You should always get professional medical advice before travelling abroad: advice can change from time to time and your own personal circumstances can affect the advice you need. However, it's always helpful to understand the advice and any medical issues for yourself, so read on for our guide to all the jabs and innoculations you may need for your holiday in Argentina.

Standard Jabs and Immunisations for Argentina

No compulsory jabs or immunisations are required for entry to Argentina, but as with travel to any developing country, it's always recommended that you check you are up-to-date with boosters for all the following diseases:

  • Tetanus
  • Typhoid
  • Hepatitis A

We're also aware that some people have been advised they need a rabies jab for Argentina. Please do seek professional advice on this matter but we would suggest that, while not entirely eradicated, rabies is not common in Argentina and in any case you will always be within 24 hours of a rabies jab so we can get you it within Argentina if we need to.

Argentina Yellow Fever and Malaria map

Yellow Fever and Malaria

Yellow fever and malaria are both predominantly tropical diseases and so they are only present in small areas in the far north of Argentina, along the borders with Bolivia and Paraguay. Although Iguazu Falls comes within this area, happily the malaria risk here is classed as minimal. However, if you are visiting Iguazu as part of your Argentina holiday, you will almost certainly be advised to have a Yellow Fever jab.

Altitude Sickness in Argentina

Unless you are planning on some trekking in Patagonia or Mendoza, you are unlikely to be affected much by altitude during your holiday in Argentina. Although the Andes rise to some huge heights, we always make sure that you have time to acclimatise before heading anywhere where altitude sickness is at all likely to be an issue.

If you are concerned about altitude, then the best thing to do is make sure we plan a gradual itinerary for you, giving you plenty of time to rest, and also follow simple advice: drink as much fluid as possible, and avoid smoking, drinking and large meals.

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