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Jabs and Immunisations for Chile

What Jabs and Immunisations Do I Need?

We want to make sure that you enjoy your holidays to Chile to the full, and so it's clearly important to make sure that you have had all right the jabs and immunisations you might need so that you can just enjoy your holiday without any medical concerns.

We always advise that you should seek professional medical advice before travelling to Chile: medical advice can change from time to time and your own personal medical state can affect the advice you receive. However, it's always useful to know the general medical advice for yourself, so here is our quick guide to all the jabs and innoculations you may need for a holiday to Chile.

Standard Jabs and Immunisations for Chile

No compulsory jabs or immunisations are required for entry to Chile, but as with travel to all developing countries, it's recommended that you check you are up-to-date with your regular boosters for all the following:

  • Tetanus
  • Typhoid
  • Hepatitis A

Altitude Sickness in Atacama

We generally find that unless you are planning on doing some cycling or fairly major trekking in areas like the Atacama Desert, altitude sickess is unlikely to be a major issue. If you are visiting Atacama on a self-drive or guided tour then so long as you take common sense precautions it's unlikely that you will suffer any ill effects beyond the occasional headache.

As well doing your best to take things fairly easy on arrival at higher altitudes, we find it useful to follow this simple advice: drink as much fluid as possible, and avoid smoking, drinking alcohol and caffeine and eating large meals. Instead try and stick to water and un-caffeinated soft drinks and eat regularly but lightly - this will all help your body to adjust to the thinner air.

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