Solar Eclipse 2020

Eclipse Chasing in South America

Chasing the 2020 Solar Eclipse

In 2020, parts of northern Argentina and Chile will be lucky enough to be directly under the track of a total solar eclipse. Fantastic if you live there - even better if you can make it the centrepiece of a holiday to South America!

In Argentina, the total eclipse will be visible across a broad swathe of the country, but the best conditions in terms of climate and total time are to be found in the west of Argentina, in the area around the village of Bellavista.

Eclipse track for the 2020 Total Solar Eclipse

We've worked with our expert local partners to put together some great itineraries based around this amazing event, but unfortunately we have now run out of availability for all our dedicated tours on both the Chile and Argentina sides of the border.

Remaining Eclipse Availability

Our dedicated packages were based around La Serena in Chile and Mendoza/Bellavista in Argentina, and there simply isn't any decent accommodation left in these areas to allow us to take more bookings.

However, as you can see from the map, the eclipse track also passes south of Buenos Aires and it IS still possible to arrange a tour from there which will put you in the right place. The snag is that firstly, the total eclipse time is much shorter this far west and secondly, that cloud cover is invariably quite heavy at this time of year here. For this reason, if you were thinking of visiting Argentina at around this time anyway, we'll be delighted to get you to the right place for the eclipse and cross our fingers for clear skies, but we don't believe it's worth planning your holiday around it.

Our 2020 Vision...

Instead, we think you might be better off getting in early for the following year, because in 2020 South America will be the place to see a second total solar eclipse, this time a little further south, in northern Patagonia. Our 2020 Eclipse packages are up and ready to book, so you can be sure you won't miss out in two years time!

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