Solar Eclipse 2019

Eclipse Chasing in South America

Chasing the 2019 Solar Eclipse

In 2019, parts of northern Argentina and Chile will be lucky enough to be directly under the track of a total solar eclipse. Fantastic if you live there - even better if you can make it the centrepiece of a holiday to South America!

In Argentina, the total eclipse will be visible across a broad swathe of the country, but intriguingly part of the eclipse track lies only a few miles to the south of Buenos Aires, and conveniently close to some of the traditional 'gaucho' haciendas which act as exclusive weekend retreats from the capital.

Eclipse track for the 2019 Total Solar Eclipse

We've made special arrangements with one of these haciendas for the 2019 eclipse to make sure that we can take you there to enjoy a perfectly tranquil moment of totality. All our holidays in Argentina can be completely tailor-made, but we'll be offering the programme below for a price of just £2250pp, including all accommodation, transfers, tours and transport:

Argentina Eclipse Itinerary

  • Friday 28th June: Arrival in Buenos Aires
  • Saturday 29th June: Tour of Buenos Aires
  • Sunday 30th June: Tour of the Tigre Delta
  • Monday 1st July: Argentine Tango Show
  • Tuesday 2nd July: Total Eclipse tour
  • Wednesday 3rd July: Fly to Iguazu
  • Thursday 4th July: Tour of the Brazilian Falls
  • Friday 5th July: Tour of the Argentina Falls
  • Saturday 6th July: International Flight home

The 2019 Eclipse in Chile

Meanwhile, in Chile, the eclipse track only crosses a small part of the country but by a huge stroke of luck, it includes an area which is famous for the clarity of its skies and which is home to some of South America's most important astronomical observatories: it really couldn't be in a better place!

Again, we can come up with a personalised eclipse itinerary to suit you, but the package below combines a great vantage-point for totality with tours of the berath-taking Atacama Desert and a visit to one of the world's most important observatories for just £2350pp:

  • Monday 24th June: Arrival in Santiago
  • Tuesday 25th June: Free Day in Santiago
  • Wednesday 26th June: Fly to Atacama
  • Thursday 27th June: Atacama Salt Flats tour
  • Friday 28th June: Tatio Geysers & Machuca
  • Saturday 29th June: ALMA Observatory and Star-gazing tours
  • Sunday 30th June: On to La Serena
  • Monday 1st July: Tour of the Elqui Valley
  • Tuesday 2nd July: Total Eclipse tour
  • Wednesday 3rd July:International Flight home

If you have any questions or would like to hear more about options for seeing the total eclipse in 2019, just get in touch and let us know what you have in mind - we'll be delighted to help!

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