Limon Carnival

Costa Rica Gets Its Party On...

Carnival Comes to Costa Rica

Apparently, Christopher Columbus landed in Puerto Limon in 1502, but history doesn't relate whether he expressly suggested that 500-odd years later this should be celebrated with Costa Rica's biggest street party...

This part of Costa Rica's coast wears its Carribbean heritage proudly on its sleeve, with a large and vibrant Afro-Caribbean community and you'll hear Patois spoken on the streets almost as often as Spanish all year. At Carnival time, however, the Caribbean influence comes to the fore with calypso music and enticing Caribbean street food aroms filling the air.

The festivities last for a full week, with colourful parades and fireworks every day until the closing Grand Parade, which in 2020 will take place on October 12th.

The Limon Carnival is not only great fun, but a great chance to experience a unique part of Costa Rican culture. Even better, it coincides with the short Caribbean summer so it's the perfect time to visit this part of Costa Rica!

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