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Our Tips for Your Peru Holiday

Peru Holiday Tips

We often get asked for advice to make people's holidays in Peru go even better, and over the years we've come up with quite a few little tips to pass on, so here is our list of Peru Do's and Don'ts.


  • Take advantage of the world-beating restaurants in Lima - it's Michelin-star quality food at Peruvian prices.
  • Have a Pisco Sour at Lima's Art Deco Hotel Bolivar.
  • Leave the crowds behind and head up to the pre-Inca north of Peru to see what they're missing.


  • Scrunch up your notes - Peruvians hate damaged currency.
  • Bother with guinea pig - it's just not that great and it's just a waste of a mealtime...
  • Forget to pack layers for evenings in the Andes: once the sun goes down the temperature can drop rapidly.
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