Guide to Weather in South America

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Weather in South America

Climate and Weather in South America

Weather conditions and the general climate vary tremendously as you travel across the continent, and so working out when to visit South America can be challenging to say the least...

Broadly speaking, most of South America is in the southern hemisphere, so their winter is the UK summer, and vice-versa. However, in practice much of South America (including areas north of the Equator) has a tropical climate, where the difference between the rainy and dry seasons is much more important.

Have a look at our dedicated guides to weather for each country in South America by clicking on the links below...

Weather in Argentina


Argentina is mainly a temperate country, although in the north it becomes sub-tropical and humid, and as you get further south, winters can be very harsh.

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Bolivia Weather


For most of Bolivia, the difference between summer and winter is less important than the distinction between the rainy (November-March) and dry seasons.

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Brazil Weather


Brazil is a huge country but there are four main climate areas which cover the country, and if you're sticking to Rio and the fabulous beaches then things are even easier.

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Weather in Chile


Chile is a long, thin country, and so although the climate changes as you head away from the coast and up into the Andes, there are also big differences in weather from north to south.

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Weather in Colombia


With huge variations in altitude, from the Caribbean coast up to the mountains of the Sierra Nevada, Colombia's climate varies tremendously throughout the country, despite its tropical location.

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Weather in Ecuador


For a relatively little country - and one on the Equator at that - Ecuador's climate varies tremendously as you head across the country, from the humid Amazon rainforest up into the Andes and down to the coast.

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Weather in Peru


The kind of weather you will see on your Peru holiday varies tremendously depending on where you visit: in the Andes mountains the best time to visit is the dry season from roughly April-November, but on the coast this is the winter.

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